Two American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Two American soldiers shot and killed in Afghanistan

The soldiers died in action, their names have not yet been revealed due to privacy concerns

Two US servicemen were killed on Wednesday in Afghanistan during the fighting. This was reported at the Pentagon.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the servicemen were killed in the battle, but did not specify the name of the group with which the US units clashed. A source of Voice of America in the leadership of Operation Resolute Support, which is being conducted by NATO forces in Afghanistan, said that an investigation into the circumstances of the death of the Americans is underway.

The names of the victims were not disclosed: this information remains confidential until their closest relatives are notified of the death of the soldiers..

The Trump administration is currently in talks with the Taliban to negotiate an end to the longest-ever war involving the US military..

President Donald Trump shared the details of the talks with reporters last Sunday.Two American soldiers killed in Afghanistan He said that the plan to reduce the number of American troops in Afghanistan is still being finalized..

“We have very good negotiations [with the Taliban]. Let’s see what will happen next. We have already reduced [the contingent] to probably 13 thousand people, and we will not reduce it much, and then we will decide whether we will stay there further or not, ”Trump said..

The President added that the United States plans to leave “significant intelligence forces” in Afghanistan: this is necessary to combat the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda groups. Afghanistan, Trump says, is still a hotbed of terrorism.

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