UK and EU reach agreement on Brexit

Brexit deal done: UK and EU reach trade agreement at 11th hour

British Prime Minister Says Deal Meets Country Needs

Britain and the European Union on Thursday reached an agreement on the terms of interaction after Brexit. The possibility of an agreement until the last moment remained in question.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed confidence that the trade deal with the European Union meets the country’s needs. At the same time, he mentioned the accusations made by the bloc that London is trying to sit on two chairs.

“We were told that we cannot sit on two chairs. I would not say that this is an agreement of this kind. But I am convinced that this is what the country needs at the moment, and this is the right path for Great Britain, “said the head of the British Cabinet..

Commenting on the agreement, Johnson drew particular attention to the clause that either side can impose duties if the other side undermines its interests. He cited pig farming as an example: if the UK raised standards for pig farms, European bacon could become cheaper. “Under such circumstances, we might think about introducing duties. In my opinion, this is extremely unlikely, but it is possible “.

French President Emmanuel Macron also commented on the agreement, noting that Europe’s cohesive and firm position has paid off.

“The unity and firmness of Europe has borne fruit.UK and EU reach agreement on Brexit An agreement with the UK is needed to protect our citizens, our fishermen, our producers. We guarantee that this protection will be provided, “he tweeted..

“Europe is moving forward and can look to the future while maintaining unity, sovereignty and firmness,” added the French President.

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