Ukraine considers premature conclusions about plane crash in Iran

Ukrainian airlines to stop flying to Iran after plane crash near Tehran kills 176

Ukraine considers premature conclusions about plane crash in Iran

Kiev has many questions, said Foreign Minister Kuleba

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said it was premature to explain the January strike on a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran by human error, challenging the findings of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (CAA).

An interim report from the Regional State Administration said that the plane was shot down by accident due to incorrect settings of the radar system and lack of communication between the air defense system operator and his commanders..

However, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said at an online briefing that many questions remained unanswered..

“I want to clearly emphasize that it is too early to argue that the plane was shot down as a result of human error, as the Iranian side claims,” he said..Ukraine considers premature conclusions about plane crash in Iran “We have a lot of questions and we need a lot of authoritative, unbiased, objective answers about what happened.”.

Kuleba said that an Iranian delegation will arrive in Kiev later this month to discuss the issue of compensation.

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