UN Calls for $ 52 Million to Help Residents of Eastern Ukraine

UN warns of rights abuses in Ukraine’s east

The funds are planned to be spent on the provision of medical services, insulation of shelters, house renovation and other basic needs of residents

The UN is calling for $ 52 million in life-saving aid to thousands in eastern Ukraine ahead of the harsh winter season. In winter, the temperature in Ukraine drops to minus 15-20 degrees Celsius.UN Calls for $ 52 Million to Help Residents of Eastern Ukraine According to UN estimates, the situation of thousands of residents of eastern Ukraine is critical and will only get worse with the onset of winter.

According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), about 60 percent of families living within five kilometers of the contact line are in the most vulnerable situation..

According to OCHA spokesman Jens Lerke, people living on the east side of this line have limited access to basic services, and humanitarian workers find it difficult to provide assistance. Residents of eastern Ukraine are aware of the complexity of the situation and are preparing for the harsh winter to the best of their ability.

“One elderly woman recently told our employees in Ukraine that summer is usually considered a time to enjoy time in the air, but for her it is a time to put aside some of her meager pension, cut medical and food costs in order to save up on coal for the winter. And millions of people live in such a situation, “he said..

The war in eastern Ukraine began in April 2014. According to the UN, more than 13,000 people have died, a quarter of whom are civilians.UN Calls for $ 52 Million to Help Residents of Eastern Ukraine More than 30,000 were injured. While active hostilities have subsided, the simmering conflict continues to complicate the lives of millions.

Lerke said families living along the front lines do not have access to health care. Part of the funds raised is planned to be spent on providing 80,000 people with access to medicine using mobile medical teams or to pay them the cost of travel to other medical facilities..

The funds will also be used to repair houses damaged during the conflict, insulate shelters and provide people with financial assistance to buy coal for heating and purchase food before they rise in price on the eve of the winter season..

According to Lerke, another $ 16 million needs to be spent on protecting people from mines and other explosive devices along the front line, where about two million people live at risk..

According to the UN, Ukraine ranks third in the list of the most mined countries, behind only Afghanistan and Syria.

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