UN: Syrian and Russian airstrikes in Idlib amount to war crimes

U.N. labels Syrian, Russian airstrikes war crimes

The authors of the report of the international commission condemned the attacks from the group &# 171; Hayat tahrir al-sham&# 187;

Syrian and Russian warplanes have carried out airstrikes on schools, hospitals and markets in Idlib province in what could be considered war crimes, UN experts concluded Tuesday in a report that also condemns the attacks by jihadists..

According to the report of the UN independent international commission of inquiry on the events in Syria, as a result of “indiscriminate bombing” by pro-government forces before the ceasefire in March, hundreds of people were killed, and about a million residents were forced to leave their homes, which is tantamount to a crime against humanity..

The Commission also accused the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham jihadist group operating in northwestern Syria of carrying out artillery strikes against peaceful areas “without an obvious legitimate military target.”.

The report also says that HTS militants tortured and executed prisoners.

“The military campaign demonstrates that the pro-government forces and the forces recognized by the UN as terrorist, flagrantly violated the laws of war and the rights of Syrian civilians,” said the head of the commission, Paulo Pinheiro.

Report covering the period from November 2019 to June 2020 based on flight data and testimony.

The text describes 52 “symbolic attacks” in northwestern Syria, 47 of which are alleged to have been carried out by the Syrian government with the support of Russia.

Russian military aircraft are blamed for the March 5 strike on a poultry farm near the internally displaced town of Maaret-Misrin, and for the three strikes on 29 January near a hospital in the rebel town of Arikha.UN: Syrian and Russian airstrikes in Idlib amount to war crimes The report notes that Russia has denied involvement in the latest attack.

“The commission has strong reasons to believe that pro-government forces committed war crimes by deliberately launching airstrikes on medical personnel and facilities,” the report said..

Commissioner Karen Koning Abuzaid also noted: “The actions of HTS members can be classified as war crimes.”.

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