UN warns of global mental health crisis

UN warns of global mental health crisis due to Covid-19 pandemic

UN warns of global mental health crisis

The organization calls for the protection of people who are exposed to additional stress in a pandemic

Coronavirus epidemic could lead to global major crisis in mental health, UN warned on Thursday, calling for urgent action to alleviate psychological distress caused by pandemic.

“After decades of neglect and underinvestment in mental health services, families and communities are now under additional stress from COVID-19,” UN Secretary General António Guterres warned in a video message marking the release of the study..

“Even after the pandemic is under control, sadness, anxiety and depression will continue to affect people and communities,” he added..

The UN study pays special attention to the mental stress that people experience due to fears that they themselves or their loved ones will be infected or die from the coronavirus, which has killed about 300 thousand people around the world since its appearance in China late last year..

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