UNESCO Expands Qualification Passport Program for Refugees

UNESCO Qualifications Passport for refugees and vulnerable migrants: a presentation of the project

The document is intended to help refugees continue their education or get a job

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the expansion of the Passport Program to enable refugees and vulnerable migrants to continue their studies or work in countries of asylum.

Refugees and migrants with secondary and higher education, as a rule, face difficulties in trying to continue their education or find a job in accordance with their qualifications in the host country. Often they do not have documents confirming their education.

The UNESCO Passport is a standardized document containing information on a person’s qualifications, professional experience and language competence.

Stephanie Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, says the program aims to help undocumented refugees have their skills recognized by host countries.

“If you have nothing, if you have no documents that can demonstrate something, you lose part of your life. You lose part of your competence, part of your knowledge, says Giannini. – In this case, we are talking about helping refugees. But there is another side – to give the host countries the opportunity to increase the human capital that they have at their disposal “.

Syrian refugee Anwar Khorani becomes the first holder of a qualifying passport.UNESCO Expands Qualification Passport Program for Refugees After completing her specialty as a physiotherapist at Al-Baat University in Homs in 2016, she was forced to flee her country. She lived in Greece for a year without documents confirming her qualifications.

In 2017, she obtained a European qualification passport, which she presented to officials in Norway, where she was granted asylum. According to her, this document changed her life..

“I was able to use this document for my studies at the University of Oslo and completed the course in international health. A year and a half after arriving in the country, I have two jobs in two different places in Norway, ”she says..

The UNESCO program is currently being tested in Zambia. This month, 11 candidates received their first UNESCO qualification passports in the presence of the country’s Minister of Higher Education. With such a document, officials say refugees can start over in Zambia.

UNESCO announces plans to launch similar pilot programs in Iraq and Colombia.

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