US and Russian officials welcome START 3 extension

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The extension of the treaty is in the interests of American national security, the US ambassador said at the UN conference on disarmament

The United States and Russia agreed that a five-year extension of the Treaty on Measures to Further Reduce and Limit Strategic Offensive Arms, known as START III, would enhance national and international security. The treaty limits the number of strategic nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles in the arsenals of the United States and Russia.

Speaking at the UN conference on disarmament in Geneva, the permanent representatives of the United States and Russia strongly supported the extension of the START-3 treaty, which Washington and Moscow agreed on Tuesday..

US Permanent Representative Robert Wood said that the extension of START III is in the national security interests of the United States, its allies and the international community. He noted that the United States and Russia have complied with their obligations under the treaty since it entered into force in 2011..

“Now there is an agreement on the extension (START-3)…US and Russian officials welcome START 3 extension The treaty’s verification regime allows the United States and Russia to monitor both parties’ compliance with the terms of the treaty, giving us confidence that our respective forces remain within the treaty and giving us insight into the other party’s strategic nuclear forces and operations – without treaty renewal, this was would be lost, “said Wood.

The updated regime of inspections and verifications, which will be established after the extension of the treaty, will allow for satellite and remote monitoring and inspections of nuclear facilities of both countries.

Russian envoy Gennady Gatilov praised what he called “a balanced approach of the two nuclear powers” to the extension of the START III treaty. According to him, this reflects the responsibility of both sides to maintain global strategic stability..

“We positively assess the decision of the new US administration to … extend the agreement for five years without any additional conditions. We see the steps being taken by President Joe Biden. He has fulfilled his campaign promises with concrete actions and sent a signal that inspires optimism, ”Gatilov said..

The US and Russian representatives agreed that the extension of START III laid the foundation for interaction between the two countries on strategic issues. They declared the need to introduce new arms control measures.

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