US calls on Russia again to reconsider decision to sell arms to Myanmar

State: US reviewing response to Russia, Burma

US calls on Russia again to reconsider decision to sell arms to Myanmar

The US State Department named &# 171; disturbing&# 187; reports on the sale of SU-30 fighters

The United States again called on Russia and Myanmar to reconsider the agreement on the sale of Russian fighters.

Russian media this week reported, citing the Ministry of Defense, that Russia is ready to sell six Su-30 fighters to Myanmar..US calls on Russia again to reconsider decision to sell arms to Myanmar According to RIA Novosti, Myanmar is also interested in buying other Russian military equipment for its land and naval forces..

“We have received alarming reports that Russia intends to sell SU-30 fighter jets to the Burmese military,” State Department spokesman Heather Neuert told reporters Thursday..

“These reports, if confirmed, serve as a further reminder that Russia is continuing its efforts to arm armies that commit egregious human rights violations,” she added, referring to the situation of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, who are being harassed by armed forces of Myanmar.

“While the Russian Federation claims to be in favor of constructive dialogue to resolve the crisis in Burma, reports of its plans to sell advanced military technology to this country, if true, suggest otherwise,” Neuert said..

“We call on the governments of Russia and Burma to reconsider their decision to further build up their military capabilities and devote themselves fully to efforts to find a peaceful and stable solution to this crisis,” she added..

A State Department spokeswoman also criticized the military ties between Russia and Myanmar on Wednesday..

State Department spokesman’s remarks were quick to provoke a harsh reaction in Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the supply of Russian military products to Myanmar "subordinated to the goal of strengthening the defense capability of this country."

"Only colleagues from the State Department who have a very “rich” imagination can see the connection between this task and the threat of “even greater suffering” for the civilian population, ”the Foreign Ministry said. – Let us recall in this connection that the peoples of Southeast Asia have hardly forgotten the losses and destruction caused by American weapons during the numerous wars that the United States waged in this region in the recent past. However, this does not prevent Washington today from selling lethal weapons to the countries of Southeast Asia and building up its military presence in the immediate vicinity of this region of the world.."

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