US concerned about the situation in Afrin

US concerned about the situation in Afrin

State Department reiterates its call for immediate implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2401

The United States has expressed deep concern over reports from Afrin, Syria, in the past 48 hours. “It seems that most of the city’s residents, mostly Kurds, were evacuated due to the threat of an attack by Turkish troops and Turkish-backed opposition groups,” the acting statement said..US concerned about the situation in Afrin Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Heather Neuert.

As further emphasized in the document, what is happening only exacerbates the humanitarian situation in Afrin. UN agencies report hundreds of thousands of displaced people in need of immediate assistance, Neuert said.

“We are also deeply concerned about reports of robberies in Afrin,” said a State Department spokeswoman..

“The United States calls on all those involved in (events) in the northwest (Syria), including Turkey, Russia and the Syrian regime, to provide international humanitarian organizations with access (to the region), making it possible to provide humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the violence, and develop a coordinated program for the voluntary, safe and early return of people to their homes in Afrin. The United States remains committed to the full and immediate implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which calls for a cessation of hostilities throughout Syria for at least 30 days, ”the US Foreign Office said in a statement..

“We call on all those operating in Syria to remain focused on the serious threat posed by the Islamic State,” the document says..

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