US condemned Russia for decision to sell weapons to Myanmar

US renews Russia arms deal, slams Myanmar ‘coup’

US condemned Russia for decision to sell weapons to Myanmar

Washington believes this could lead to an intensification of the crisis with Rohingya Muslims

US condemns Russia for approving sales of fighter jets to Myanmar’s armed forces despite operations against Rohingya Muslims.

Washington warned that Moscow’s actions could worsen the situation.

Russian Defense Ministry officials took advantage of a visit to Myanmar this week to announce an agreement to supply six Su-30 fighters to the country’s military.

Russian officials said Myanmar is also interested in purchasing Russian warships and ground weapons.

State Department spokesman Heather Neuert called Russia’s decision to supply fighters “a good example of the challenges we face when working with some governments.”.

Most of the world wants the Rohingya crisis to be resolved peacefully, she said, and Russia’s actions could instead lead to more suffering and instability..

“It seemed that this would be the case where Russia could show solidarity through the supply of humanitarian aid, rather than the potential aggravation of the situation through arms sales,” said Neuert.

US and many other countries refuse to sell weapons to Myanmar.

Six fighters are not the first weapons Myanmar purchases from Russia.

In the past, the country purchased MiG-29 fighters, Yak-130 combat training aircraft, Mi-17, Mi-24 and Mi-35 combat helicopters, as well as other weapons, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said in Myanmar on Monday.

Fomin expressed confidence that Russian-Myanmar military-technical cooperation would develop and would allow Myanmar to create a modern armed force using high-tech Russian weapons.

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US condemned Russia for decision to sell weapons to Myanmar

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