US condemns execution of Iranian opposition journalist Ruhollah Zam

Iran executes dissident journalist Ruhollah Zam | ABC News

Ministry of Finance imposed sanctions on two persons associated with the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Iran

US issued on Monday to condemn execution of opposition journalist Ruhollah Zam in Iran.

“The United States strongly condemns Iran’s unjust and barbaric execution of Ruhollah Zam, an Iranian journalist who was kidnapped by the regime abroad,” tweeted.US condemns execution of Iranian opposition journalist Ruhollah Zam “The deputy exposed the brutality and corruption of the regime, which killed or arrested more than 860 journalists in 41 years of terror.”.

The deputy, who was granted political asylum in France, was captured last year outside Iran. Tehran accused him of calling for anti-government protests in late 2017.

Also on Monday, the US imposed sanctions on two individuals associated with the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security. According to the website of the US Treasury Department, Mohammed Baseri and Ahmad Hazai fell under the sanctions.

A senior US government official on Monday stressed that no deal could be concluded with Iran until it releases all of the unjustly detained US citizens. The statement comes amid the imposition of sanctions against two Iranian officials suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of former FBI agent Robert Levinson.

Another anonymous government source told reporters that the United States believed senior Iranian officials had authorized the kidnapping of Levinson, who went missing on Iran’s island of Kish in the Persian Gulf in March 2007. The source expressed hope that the inclusion of officials in the sanctions list could lead to additional information about the fate of Levinson.

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