US deployed MQ-9 drones in Romania

US Deploys MQ-9 Drones and 90 Jets to Help Romania against Russian on Black Sea Border.

US deployed MQ-9 drones in Romania

They will conduct reconnaissance and observation missions in support of NATO operations

The U.S. Air Force deployed MQ-9 Reaper drones and about 90 service personnel at 71st Campia Turzia Air Base in Romania for reconnaissance and observation missions in support of NATO operations.

According to experts, the MQ-9 Reaper drone, equipped with a turboprop engine, can reach speeds of over 400 km per hour and stay aloft for up to 24 hours..

“The forward basing of ready-to-operate MQ-9s in this key strategic area will assure our allies and partners that we can respond quickly to any threat that emerges, and will also demonstrate it to our adversaries,” said Jeff Harrigian, US Air Force Commander for Europe and Africa..

In addition to reconnaissance and surveillance functions, MQ-9 will participate in airspace maneuvers and integrate with coalition forces in the region. Aircraft can also participate in exercises aimed at ensuring interoperability with allied and partner countries.

The deployment is fully coordinated with the Romanian government. The United States and Romania maintain close military ties as NATO allies and cooperate on multiple regional security issues.

Forward basing MQ-9 demonstrates US commitment to security and stability in Europe; it aims to strengthen the relationship between NATO allies and other European partners.

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