US distributed 14 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine

How The U.S. Plans To Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines

4 million people vaccinated

US continues to rank first in the world for the number of detected cases of COVID-19 – a disease caused by the coronavirus.

The Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center said on Sunday that the US accounts for 20.4 million of the world’s 84.3 million cases..

In second place is India, where this figure is almost two times less – 10.3 million cases. Health authorities, however, warn India’s incidence data may be underreported.

More than 350 thousand deaths from coronavirus have been reported in the United States. Funeral homes across the country are struggling to meet demand for their services.

Health authorities predict a surge in incidence in the coming weeks due to the past holiday season..

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.2 million people have received the vaccine, although more than 13 million doses of the vaccine have been delivered to different parts of the country. States are struggling to get through this process without receiving little guidance from the federal government on how best to deliver vaccines to the public..

There are 25 prisons in California, each with more than 1,000 COVID-19 cases, according to the New York Times.US distributed 14 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine However, none of the high-incidence prisons are included in the state’s inmate vaccination program..US distributed 14 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine The leader in the number of infected was the prison in the city of Avenal, where more than 3,500 people fell ill, according to the New York Times..

A spokesperson for a court-appointed inmate health official in California told the newspaper that the state has focused its prison vaccination program on settings where “people are at significant risk of contracting or becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus.”.

Former CNN talk show host Larry King is being treated for COVID-19 at a Los Angeles hospital. The broadcaster said on Saturday that King was hospitalized over a week ago..

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