US imposed sanctions on 33 companies and organizations in China

Will US Sanctions On Chinese Companies Affect Xi Jinping’s Belt And Road Initiative?

USA imposed sanctions on 33 companies and organizations of the PRC

Sanctions imposed, inter alia, for human rights violations in Xinjiang

US Department of Commerce announced the imposition of sanctions against 33 companies and organizations in the PRC.

24 government and commercial entities have been added to the “blacklist,” as the ministry said in a statement, “for engaging in actions contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States..USA imposed sanctions on 33 companies and organizations of the PRC These structures, based in China, Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, pose a serious risk in supporting the acquisition of items for military use by China. “.

In turn, two state structures of the PRC, including one of the divisions of the Ministry of Public Security, and seven companies were included in the sanctions list for human rights violations committed “in the course of China’s repressive campaign, massive illegal incarceration, forced labor and high-tech surveillance. suffered by Uighurs, ethnic Kazakhs and other representatives of Muslim minorities in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region “.

Among the companies subject to sanctions is NetPosa, which is developing in the field of artificial intelligence: its products are used for electronic surveillance.

Blacklisting prohibits US individuals and entities from exporting, re-exporting, or otherwise transferring goods and technology to these entities without specific permission from the Department of Commerce.

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