US will seek UN Security Council “reaction” to attack on Saudi Arabia

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US will seek UN Security Council'reaction' to attack on Saudi Arabia

The US administration will take these actions despite possible opposition in the UN Security Council from Russia.

A senior White House administration official on Tuesday called on the UN Security Council to respond to an attack on Saudi oil refineries, which the US believes was carried out by Iran. However, it remains unknown what actions are being discussed, and whether Washington will have to enlist Moscow’s support for this..

“We see the role that the UN Security Council can play. Saudi Arabia has been attacked and it would be appropriate to convene the (Security) Council. But first, we need to collect information that is allowed for transmission, ”a senior administration official told reporters..

The White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, did not explain what was meant by “permitted information.” The United States sometimes publishes confidential information to strengthen its position in the UN Security Council.

The US authorities believe that the attack on the Saudi refineries was carried out from the territory of southwestern Iran. Another source told Reuters about it..

The success of the American initiative can be called into question, since Russian and Chinese diplomats, who have veto rights in the UN Security Council, can defend Tehran.US will seek UN Security Council'reaction' to attack on Saudi Arabia Russia has already warned not to rush to conclusions about who could be behind the attack on Saudi Arabia.

The Security Council can, at a minimum, issue a statement condemning the attack, but even this measure must be passed unanimously.

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