USA releases list of Russian and Chinese firms associated with the military-industrial complex

The military-industrial complex

This move will prevent those on the list from purchasing a wide range of American goods and technologies.

The Trump administration on Monday released a list of Chinese and Russian companies allegedly linked to the military. Inclusion of companies on this list will deprive them of the opportunity to purchase a number of American goods and technologies.

Last month, Reuters reported for the first time that the Commerce Department had compiled a list of companies associated with Chinese or Russian military structures. It was also reported that the news caused discontent in Beijing..

China Aircraft Corporation (COMAC), Hong Kong subsidiaries of Colorado-based Arrow Electronics and Texas-based TTI Inc, and electronics distributor Berkshire Hathaway were excluded from the shortlist, officials said..The USA unveils a list of Russian and Chinese firms associated with the military-industrial complex These companies were on the tentative list reviewed by Reuters.

However, the list includes the Shanghai Aviation Research Institute, which designs aircraft for COMAC, and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing, which produces COMAC aircraft..

China has called on the US to abandon the move and treat all companies equally, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Tuesday at a daily press conference in Beijing..

Later, the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC protested against the inclusion of Chinese companies on the list and promised to take the necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses..

The final version of the list includes 103 organizations, which is 14 less than in the preliminary one. The list includes 58 Chinese companies, not 89, and 45 Russian companies, not 28.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the move sets up a new process “to help exporters screen their customers for military end users.”.

The final list was posted on the Department of Commerce website on Monday. It is expected to be listed on the Federal Register on Tuesday for public review..

The US Department of Commerce notes that the list is not exhaustive, so American companies should continue to independently check counterparties for links with military structures of other countries..

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