Volkov: a protest action “in a different format” will be held on February 14

PBS NewsHour Weekend Live Show: February 14, 2021

Volkov: a protest action'in a different format' will be held on February 14

&# 171; We’ll do it much trickier&# 187;, – said Navalny’s associate

The head of the network of headquarters of Alexei Navalny, Leonid Volkov, who said last week that protests for the release of Navalny would resume in spring, on Tuesday said on the air of MBH Media that the new action would take place on Sunday, February 14.

At the same time, Volkov made it clear that we will not talk about an ordinary meeting or procession. According to him, “it will be a completely different format. We will do everything much more cunning and will not try to directly interact with the police, we will avoid it. “.

Soon after the broadcast, Volkov revealed the details of the action on his telegram channel. He suggested that residents of large Russian cities go out into the courtyard on the evening of February 14, turn on the flashlight on their phone and raise it up. The construction of glowing hearts is also encouraged. “Let the social media feeds be filled with thousands of such burning hearts from dozens of Russian cities,” Volkov writes..

Mass actions for the release of Navalny, who was in jail, took place in many cities of Russia on January 23 and 31, and people also took to the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the evening of February 2. More than 10 thousand of their participants were detained throughout the country, hundreds of people are still under administrative arrest. Volkov said last Thursday that the continuation of the protests will only lead to new arrests and arrests, a gradual drop in the number of shares, and also jeopardize the political work of Navalny’s headquarters. Therefore, FBK decided not to hold street actions last weekend..Volkov: a protest action'in a different format' will be held on February 14 New street protests, according to Volkov, will take place in the spring. For the release of Navalny, his comrade-in-arms promised to fight with “foreign policy methods” – seeking the introduction of sanctions against the entourage of Vladimir Putin.

Several prominent associates of Navalny are now under house arrest for the so-called sanitary case. Memorial recognized them as political prisoners.

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