White House on Bannon case: Trump had nothing to do with fundraising for the wall

A spokeswoman for the president stressed that he did not approve of the idea of ​​building a section of the wall by a private organization

White House Press Secretary Kaylee McEnani issued a statement in response to reports of accusations against former Donald Trump adviser Stephen Bannon, who is suspected of fraudulently in connection with a fundraising campaign to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

“As everyone knows, President Trump is not involved in this project in any way and believes that this is done only for public relations and, possibly, fundraising,” Makenani said..

She recalled what the President said on this on July 12, 2020: “I did not agree with the fact that this very small (tiny) section of the wall in a difficult area was built by a private organization that raised money through advertising. It was only done to make me look bad, and it may not even work now..White House on Bannon case: Trump had nothing to do with fundraising for the wall It was necessary to build the same as the rest of the wall, more than 500 miles “.

“President Trump has always believed that the wall should be a government project, that it is too large and complex a project to be implemented privately,” McEnani added. – The Trump administration has already built more than 300 miles of the boundary wall thanks to the tremendous work done by the Army Corps of Engineers, and nearly 500 miles will be built by the end of the year. Our southern border is safer than ever. “.

“President Trump has had no business with Steve Bannon since the election campaign and the early days of the administration, and he does not know the people involved in this project,” the spokeswoman said..

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