White House to host Thanksgiving reception

White House to host Thanksgiving reception

Health authorities discourage Americans from gathering in large groups on a holiday

The White House plans to host a celebratory reception next week, despite ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks at the compound and contrary to recommendations from experts urging Americans to move away from traditional family gatherings for Thanksgiving..

First Lady Melania Trump is hosting a “gala reception” at the White House on November 30, according to an invitation received by ABC News. White House officials do not comment yet.

US authorities urge Americans not to gather in large groups on Thanksgiving Day, to stay at home and refuse to travel to relatives to contain the spread of coronavirus and protect vulnerable populations.White House to host Thanksgiving reception Over the past weekend, the number of cases in the country exceeded 12 million.

According to the White House, the president and his wife will spend the holidays in Washington and will not go to their resort in Florida, but the reception will take place just three days after Thanksgiving..

In recent months, after the events in the White House, outbreaks of infections have repeatedly occurred. A few days ago, the coronavirus was diagnosed in one of the administration assistants and four other people..

“We want everyone to understand that these holiday parties can become major hotbeds of contamination,” US Chief Sanitary Officer Jerome Adams told ABC News on Monday, calling for limited outdoor celebrations and recalling the Centers of Control guidelines and disease prevention.

“These recommendations apply to both the White House and all American citizens,” he stressed..

However, it seems that many Americans have ignored these recommendations. Although the number of air passengers is now about 60 percent lower than last year, federal transportation services on Monday said they had their highest occupancy since March..

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