WP: US Cyber ​​Operations Against Iran To Protect Elections

Cyber ​​Security and Elections

WP: US Cyber ​​Operations Against Iran To Protect Elections

According to the Washington Post, intelligence agencies were also working to identify hackers from Russia and China.

The NSA and US Cyber ​​Command have conducted an operation against Iran over the past two weeks as part of a broader effort to protect US elections from foreign interference, The Washington Post reported..

According to the newspaper, the operation was directed against Iranian hackers working for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps after their October cyberattack when they sent threatening emails to American voters posing as the far-right Proud Boys..

Details of the American operation against Iranian hackers remain unclear, but the report came at a time when the authorities are on high alert for possible foreign intervention, the newspaper said..

The federal official also said that the US Cyber ​​Command has expanded its operations to target malicious foreign entities in cyberspace..WP: US Cyber ​​Operations Against Iran To Protect Elections At the same time, they carried out missions to find not only Russian hackers, but also hackers of other main opponents, including Iran and China, the Washington Post noted..

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