WSJ: US is in talks with Germany on the fate of Nord Stream 2

US threatens Germany with sanctions over Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline | DW News

WSJ: US negotiates with Germany on the fate of Nord Stream 2

Gas pipeline construction resumed in early February after more than a year break

The administration of US President Joe Biden has begun talks with Berlin on the future of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, including “threats of sanctions” against companies involved in its construction, the Wall Street Journal reported..

Citing an unnamed German official, the newspaper reported that the administration must, by a certain date, compile a list of companies that, in its opinion, violate US laws aimed at halting the construction of Nord Stream 2..

These companies could become potential targets for US sanctions, the publication says..

The Biden administration could opt out of sanctions with a national interest clause, which would pacify Germany, an important US ally in Europe, but give Russia a geopolitical victory and undermine the bipartisan coalition in Congress.

More than 90 percent of the construction of the undersea gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been completed, with about 160 kilometers of pipes left to lay, the Wall Street Journal notes..

Construction resumed on February 6, after more than a year hiatus caused by opposition from the Donald Trump administration and acts of Congress authorizing the imposition of sanctions against companies and individuals involved in the project..

Biden’s administration has not yet imposed legal sanctions, the newspaper notes..

However, members of the White House’s National Security Council met to discuss the pipeline, including Germany’s readiness to impose a moratorium on the project, the publication reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the discussions..

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WSJ: US negotiates with Germany on the fate of Nord Stream 2

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